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         author = {Bourlard, Herv{\'{e}} and Renals, Steve},
       projects = {Idiap},
          title = {Recognition and Understanding of Meetings Overview of the European AMI and AMIDA Projects},
           type = {Idiap-RR},
         number = {Idiap-RR-27-2008},
           year = {2008},
    institution = {IDIAP},
       abstract = {The AMI and AMIDA projects are concerned with the recognition and interpretation of multiparty (face-to-face and remote) meetings. Within these projects we have developed the following: (1) an infrastructure for recording meetings using multiple microphones and cameras; (2) a one hundred hour, manually annotated meeting corpus; (3) a number of techniques for indexing, and summarizing of meeting videos using automatic speech recognition and computer vision, and (4) a extensible framework for browsing, and searching of meeting videos. We give an overview of the various techniques developed in AMI (mainly involving face-to-face meetings,',','),
 their integration into our meeting browser framework, and future plans for AMIDA (Augmented Multiparty Interaction with Distant Access,',','),
 the follow-up project to AMI. Technical and business information related to these two projects can be found at www.amiproject.org, respectively on the Scientific and Business portals.},
            pdf = {https://publications.idiap.ch/attachments/reports/2008/bourlard-idiap-rr-08-27.pdf},