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         author = {Hain, Thomas and Burget, Lukas and Dines, John and Garner, Philip N. and El Hannani, Asmaa and Huijbregts, Marijn and Karafiat, Martin and Lincoln, Mike and Wan, Vincent},
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      booktitle = {Proceedings of Interspeech},
           year = {2010},
       location = {Makuhari, Japan},
       abstract = {We present the AMIDA 2009 system for participation in the
NIST RT{\^{a}}€™2009 STT evaluations. Systems for close-talking, far
field and speaker attributed STT conditions are described. Im-
provements to our previous systems are: segmentation and diar-
isation; stacked bottle-neck posterior feature extraction; fMPE
training of acoustic models; adaptation on complete meetings;
improvements to WFST decoding; automatic optimisation of
decoders and system graphs. Overall these changes gave a 6-
13\% relative reduction in word error rate while at the same time
reducing the real-time factor by a factor of five and using con-
siderably less data for acoustic model training.},
            pdf = {https://publications.idiap.ch/attachments/papers/2010/Hain_INTERSPEECH_2010.pdf}