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         author = {Murphy, Nora A and Hall, Judith A and Schmid Mast, Marianne and Ruben, Mollie A. and Frauendorfer, Denise and Blanch-Hartigan, Danielle and Roter, Debra L. and Nguyen, Laurent Son},
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       abstract = {Four studies investigated the reliability and validity of thin slices of nonverbal behavior from social interactions including (a)
how well individual slices of a given behavior predict other slices in the same interaction; (b) how well a slice of a given behavior
represents the entirety of that behavior within an interaction; (c) how long a slice is necessary to sufficiently represent the
entirety of a behavior within an interaction; (d) which slices best capture the entirety of behavior, across different behaviors;
and (e) which behaviors (of six measured behaviors) are best captured by slices. Notable findings included strong reliability
and validity for thin slices of gaze and nods, and that a 1.5-min slice from the start of an interaction may adequately represent
some behaviors. Results provide useful information to researchers making decisions about slice measurement of behavior.},
            pdf = {https://publications.idiap.ch/attachments/papers/2016/Murphy_PSPB_2014.pdf}