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         author = {Le, Nam and Odobez, Jean-Marc},
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       abstract = {Learning a good speaker embedding is critical for many speech processing tasks, including recognition, verification, and diarization. To this end, we propose a complementary optimizing goal called intra-class loss to improve deep speaker embed dings learned with triplet loss. This loss function is formulated as a soft constraint on the averaged pair-wise distance between samples from the same class. Its goal is to prevent the scattering of these samples within the embedding space to increase the intra-class compactncss.When intra-class loss is jointly optimized with triplet loss, we can observe 2 major improvements: the deep embedding network can achieve a more robust and discriminative representation and the training process is more stable with a faster convergence rate. We conduct experiments on 2 large public benchmarking datasets for speaker verification, VoxCeleb and VoxForge. The results show that intra-class loss helps accelerating the convergence of deep network training and significantly improves the overall performance of the resulted embeddings.},
            pdf = {https://publications.idiap.ch/attachments/papers/2018/Le_INTERSPEECH2018_2018.pdf}