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         author = {Maceiras, J{\'{e}}r{\'{e}}my},
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          title = {Planning and control of robot manipulation tasks},
           type = {Idiap-Com},
         number = {Idiap-Com-01-2022},
           year = {2022},
    institution = {Idiap},
       abstract = {Nowadays, robots are used in a large number of industrial processes. Their use speeds up the fabrication process and drastically decreases the cost of products. These industrial robots are often used with pre-recorded motions, that allow them to perform a task quickly, but adapting these robots for a new task is time-consuming. It is done by recording another motion that respects the new task. If the task changes again, the same time-consuming approach needs to be repeated, even if the task differs only a bit from the programmed one.

The purpose of this project is to solve this problem by allowing robots to understand the goal of their task and not actions that lead to it. To achieve this purpose, the developed approach consists in finding an optimal trajectory that fulfills the task and makes a robot tracks it.},
            pdf = {https://publications.idiap.ch/attachments/reports/2020/Maceiras_Idiap-Com-01-2022.pdf}