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        address = {Saarbruecken, Germany},
       abstract = {Multi-band ASR was largely inspired by the extremely high level of redundancy in the spectral signal representation which can be inferred from Fletcher's product-of-errors rule for human speech perception. Indeed, the main aim of the multi-band approach is to exploit this redundancy in order to overcome the problem of data mismatch (while making no assumptions about noise type) by focusing recognition on sub-bands estimated to contain reliable, or "clean speech like", data. However, multi-band processing also presents the opportunity to introduce a number of other ideas from phonetics, non-linear phonology and auditory processing into the recognition process. In particular: we can weight sub-bands, or sub-band combinations, according to the most likely frequency range of characteristic features for the phoneme whose presence we are testing for; we can allow some degree of asynchrony between sub-bands, and we can preprocess each sub-band according the kind of acoustic features which we expect to find there. Besides combining sub-band experts, we can also combine multiple full-band experts, where each expert is perhaps suited to extracting complementary sources of speech information, or is robust to different kinds of noise. In this article we present an outline of some of the recent work at IDIAP, and cooperating institutions, in bringing together ideas from different areas of speech science within the framework of multi-stream HMM and HMM/ANN based ASR.},
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