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Can face anti-spoofing countermeasures work in a real world scenario?
Type of publication: Conference paper
Citation: deFreitasPereira_ICB_2013
Publication status: Accepted
Booktitle: International Conference on Biometrics
Year: 2013
Month: June
Location: Madrid, Spain
URL: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/an...
Abstract: User authentication is an important step to protect in- formation and in this field face biometrics is advantageous. Face biometrics is natural, easy to use and less human-invasive. Unfortunately, recent work has revealed that face biometrics is vulnerable to spoofing attacks using low-tech equipments. This article assesses how well existing face anti-spoofing countermeasures can work in a more realistic condition. Experiments carried out with two freely available video databases (Replay Attack Database and CASIA Face Anti-Spoofing Database) show low generalization and possible database bias in the evaluated countermeasures. To generalize and deal with the diversity of attacks in a real world scenario we introduce two strategies that show promising results.
Projects BEAT
Authors de Freitas Pereira, Tiago
Anjos, André
De Martino, José Mario
Marcel, Sébastien
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