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Bi-Modal Person Recognition on a Mobile Phone: using mobile phone data
Type of publication: Conference paper
Publication status: Accepted
Booktitle: IEEE ICME Workshop on Hot Topics in Mobile Multimedia
Year: 2012
Month: July
Crossref: McCool_Idiap-RR-13-2012:
Abstract: This paper presents a novel fully automatic bi-modal, face and speaker, recognition system which runs in real-time on a mobile phone. The implemented system runs in real-time on a Nokia N900 and demonstrates the feasibility of performing both automatic face and speaker recognition on a mobile phone. We evaluate this recognition system on a novel publicly-available mobile phone database and provide a well defined evaluation protocol. This database was captured almost exclusively using mobile phones and aims to improve research into deploying biometric techniques to mobile devices. We show, on this mobile phone database, that face and speaker recognition can be performed in a mobile environment and using score fusion can improve the performance by more than 25% in terms of error rates.
Projects Idiap
Authors McCool, Chris
Marcel, Sébastien
Hadid, Abdenour
Pietikainen, Matti
Matejka, Pavel
Cernocky, Jan
Poh, Norman
Kittler, J.
Larcher, Anthony
Levy, Christophe
Matrouf, Driss
Bonastre, Jean-François
Tresadern, Phil
Cootes, Timothy
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