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Secured vocal access to telephone servers
Type of publication: Conference paper
Citation: Bornet-IVTTA-96
Booktitle: Proceedings of IVTTA 1996 IEEE Third Workshop Interactive Voice Technology for Telecommunications Applications
Year: 1996
Month: 10
Crossref: Bornet-96.4:
Abstract: A number of applications of man-machine interaction over the telephone requires a combination of speech recognition and speaker verification. This paper describes current work carried out at IDIAP in the framework of national and European projects. A generic Interactive Voice Server (IVS) is described by means of a graphical formalism. It includes speech recognition based on speaker independent flexible vocabulary technology and speaker verification performed by a number of techniques executed in parallel, and combined for optimal decision.
Userfields: ipdmembership={speech},
Projects Idiap
Authors Bornet, Olivier
Chollet, Gérard
Cochard, Jean-Luc
Constantinescu, Andrei
Genoud, Dominique
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