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Automatic Time Skew Detection and Correction
Type of publication: Conference paper
Citation: Korchagin_ICSAP_2011
Booktitle: Proceedings International Conference on Signal Acquisition and Processing
Year: 2011
Month: 2
Location: Singapore
Address: Martigny, Switzerland
Crossref: Korchagin_Idiap-RR-42-2010:
Abstract: In this paper, we propose a new approach for the automatic time skew detection and correction for multisource audiovisual data, recorded by different cameras/recorders during the same event. All recorded data are successfully tested for potential time skew problem and corrected based on ASR-related features. The core of the algorithm is based on perceptual time-quefrency analysis with a precision of 10 ms. The results show correct time skew detection and elimination in 100% of cases for a real life dataset of 32 broken sessions and surpass the performance of fast cross correlation while keeping lower system requirements.
Keywords: pattern matching, time synchronisation, time-quefrency analysis
Projects Idiap
Authors Korchagin, Danil
Crossref by Korchagin_Idiap-RR-42-2010
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