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Implementing Neural Networks Efficiently
Type of publication: Book chapter
Citation: Collobert_SPRINGER_2012
Booktitle: Neural Networks: Tricks of the Trade
Edition: Second
Year: 2012
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: Neural networks and machine learning algorithms in general require a flexible environment where new algorithm prototypes and experiments can be set up as quickly as possible with best possible computational performance. To that end, we provide a new framework called Torch7, that is especially suited to achieve both of these competing goals. Torch7 is a versatile numeric computing framework and machine learning library that extends a very lightweight and powerful programming language Lua. Its goal is to provide a flexible environment to design, train and deploy learning machines. Flexibility is obtained via Lua, an extremely lightweight scripting language. High performance is obtained via efficient OpenMP/SSE and CUDA implementations of low-level numeric routines. Torch7 can also easily be interfaced to third-party software thanks to Lua’s light C interface.
Keywords: machine-learning software
Projects Idiap
Authors Collobert, Ronan
Kavukcuoglu, Koray
Farabet, Clément
Editors Montavon, Grégoire
Orr, Geneviève
Müller, K. -R.
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