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I4U Submission to NIST SRE 2012: a large-scale collaborative effort for noise-robust speaker verification
Type of publication: Conference paper
Citation: Saedi_INTERSPEECH_2013
Publication status: Accepted
Year: 2013
Month: August
Location: Lyon, France
Crossref: Saedi_Idiap-RR-34-2013:
Abstract: I4U is a joint entry of nine research Institutes and Universities across 4 continents to NIST SRE 2012. It started with a brief discussion during the Odyssey 2012 workshop in Singapore. An online discussion group was soon set up, providing a discussion platform for different issues surrounding NIST SRE’12. Noisy test segments, uneven multi-session training, variable enrollment duration, and the issue of open-set identification were actively discussed leading to various solutions integrated to the I4U submission. The joint submission and several of its 17 sub-systems were among top-performing systems. We summarize the lessons learnt from this large-scale effort.
Projects Idiap
Authors Saedi, Rahim
Lee, Kong Aik
Kinnunen, Tomi
Hasan, Tawfik
Fauve, Benoit
Bousquet, Pierre-Michel
Khoury, Elie
Martinez, Pablo Luis Sordo
Kua, Jia Min Karen
You, Changhuai
Sun, Hanwu
Larcher, Anthony
Rajan, Padmanabhan
Hautamäki, Ville
Hanilci, Cemal
Braithwaite, Billy
Rosa, Gonzalez-Hautamäki
Sadjadi, Seyed Omid
Liu, Gang
Boril, Hynek
Shokouhi, Navid
Matrouf, Driss
El Shafey, Laurent
Mowlaee, Pejman
Epps, Julien
Thiruvaran, Tharmarajah
Van Leeuwen, David
Ma, Bin
Li, Haizhou
Hansen, John
Bonastre, Jean-François
Marcel, Sébastien
Mason, John
Ambikairajah, Eliathamby
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