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Design of a Speech Corpus for Research on Cross-Lingual Prosody Transfer
Type of publication: Conference paper
Citation: Secujski_SPECOM_2016
Publication status: Published
Booktitle: Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence: 18th International Conference, SPECOM 2016
Volume: 9811
Year: 2016
Month: August
Pages: 199--206
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Abstract: Since the prosody of a spoken utterance carries information about its discourse function, salience, and speaker attitude, prosody models and prosody generation modules have played a crucial part in text-to- speech (TTS) synthesis systems from the beginning, especially those set not only on sounding natural, but also on showing emotion or particular speaker intention. Prosody transfer within speech-to-speech translation is a recent research area with increasing importance, with one of its most important research topics being the detection and treatment of salient events, i.e. instances of prominence or focus which do not result from syntactic constraints, but are rather products of semantic or pragmatic level effects. This paper presents the design and the guidelines for the creation of a multilingual speech corpus containing prosodically rich sentences, ultimately aimed at training statistical prosody models for multilingual prosody transfer in the context of expressive speech synthesis.
Projects SCOPES-SP2
Authors Secujski, Milan
Gerazov, Branislav
Gabor Csapo, Tamas
Delic, Vlado
Garner, Philip N.
Gjoreski, Aleksandar
Guennec, David
Ivanovski, Zoran
Melov, Aleksandar
Nemeth, Geza
Stojković, Ana
Szaszak, Gyorgy
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