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A reproducible study on remote heart rate measurement
Type of publication: Journal paper
Citation: Heusch_ARXIV_2017
Publication status: Published
Journal: arXiv
Year: 2017
Month: September
URL: https://arxiv.org/abs/1709.009...
Abstract: This paper studies the problem of reproducible research in remote photoplethysmography (rPPG). Most of the work published in this domain is assessed on privately-owned databases, making it difficult to evaluate proposed algorithms in a standard and principled manner. As a consequence, we present a new, publicly available database containing a relatively large number of subjects recorded under two different lighting conditions. Also, three state-of-the-art rPPG algorithms from the literature were selected, implemented and released as open source free software. After a thorough, unbiased experimental evaluation in various settings, it is shown that none of the selected algorithms is precise enough to be used in a real-world scenario.
Projects Idiap
Authors Heusch, Guillaume
Anjos, André
Marcel, Sébastien
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