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NLPHut?s Participation at WAT2021
Type of publication: Idiap-RR
Citation: Parida_Idiap-RR-10-2021
Number: Idiap-RR-10-2021
Year: 2021
Month: 7
Institution: Idiap
Abstract: This paper provides the description of shared tasks to the WAT 2021 by our team NLPHut's. We have participated in the English→Hindi Multimodal translation task, English→Malayalam Multimodal translation task, and Indic Multi-lingual translation task. We have used the state-of-the-art Transformer model with language tags in different settings for the translation task and proposed a novel "region-specific" caption generation approach using a combination of image CNN and LSTM for the Hindi and Malayalam image captioning. Our submission tops in English→Malayalam Multimodal translation task (text-only translation, and Malayalam caption), and ranks second-best in English→Hindi Multimodal translation task (text-only translation, and Hindi caption). Our submissions have also performed well in the Indic Multilingual translation tasks.
Crossref: Parida_WAT2021_2021:
NLPHut's Participation at WAT2021, Parida, Shantipriya, Panda, Subhadarshi, Kotwal, Ketan, Dash, Amulya Ratna, Dash, Satya Ranjan, Sharma, Yashvardhan, Motlicek, Petr and Bojar, Ondrej, in: Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Asian Translation (WAT2021), pages 146--154, Association for Computational Linguistics, 2021
Projects Idiap
Authors Parida, Shantipriya
Panda, Subhadarshi
Kotwal, Ketan
Dash, Amulya Ratna
Dash, Satya Ranjan
Sharma, Yashvardhan
Motlicek, Petr
Bojar, Ondrej
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