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Towards energy hubs: an innovative Geographic Information System based approach for cluster definition
Type of publication: Conference paper
Citation: Cillari_ICREC_2022
Publication status: Accepted
Booktitle: ICREC 2022 Conference Proceedings
Year: 2022
Abstract: The integration of renewable energy systems in the civil sector has spread to mitigate the impact of fossil fuel consumption. Directives have pushed photovoltaic systems installations: on a local scale the mismatch between electricity production and consumption prevents a rational use of photovoltaic energy. To improve the exploitation of renewable resources, energy analysis shifts to a cluster level where diversified electricity consumption profiles increase the share of self-consumption thanks to complementary loads. A key point is the selection of buildings to include in clusters. The present paper proposes an innovative methodology to select buildings based on the assumption of maximizing the diversity of building use. Buffers are traced from buildings to determine clusters, evaluated by two indicators: information entropy and specific road surface. Finally, different distance functions are analyzed to adapt the cluster to urban shape. The method has been tested on the city of Fribourg. Results related to the city of Fribourg show that buffers of 250 m and 500 m radiuses get optimal heterogeneity. In the refinement process, through a polynomial decay distance function, clusters of 250 m and 500 m radiuses moved from 77 to 199 and from 223 to 371 buildings respectively, with an increasing heterogeneity.
Projects Idiap
Authors Cillari, Giacomo
Fantozzi, Fabio
Franco, Alessandro
Kämpf, Jérôme
Editors Reports, Energy
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