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Andrii Maksai
First name(s): Andrii
Last name(s): Maksai

Publications of Andrii Maksai sorted by title


Non-Markovian Globally Consistent Multi-Object Tracking, Andrii Maksai, Xinchao Wang, Francois Fleuret and Pascal Fua, in: Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision, 2017


WILDTRACK: A Multi-camera HD Dataset for Dense Unscripted Pedestrian Detection, Tatjana Chavdarova, Pierre Baqué, Andrii Maksai, Stéphane Bouquet, Cijo Jose, Louis Lettry, Francois Fleuret, Pascal Fua and Luc Van Gool, in: Proceedings of the IEEE international conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Salt Lake City, UT, pages 5030-5039, 2018