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Gangadhar Garipelli
First name(s): Gangadhar
Last name(s): Garipelli

Publications of Gangadhar Garipelli sorted by recency
Recognition of Anticipatory Behavior from Human EEG, Gangadhar Garipelli, Ricardo Chavarriaga and José del R. Millán, in: In proceedings, 4th Intl. Brain-Computer Interface Workshop and Training Course, 2008
The use of brain-computer interfacing for ambient intelligence, Gangadhar Garipelli, Ferran Galán, Ricardo Chavarriaga, Pierre W. Ferrez, Eileen Lew and José del R. Millán, in: In the book, Constructing Ambient Intelligence: AmI-07 Workshops Proceedings, Max M\:uhlh\:auser, Alois Ferscha, and Erwin Aitenbichler (Eds.,',','), LNCS, Springer Verlag, 2008., 2007