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Dinesh Babu Jayagopi
First name(s): Dinesh Babu
Last name(s): Jayagopi

Publications of Dinesh Babu Jayagopi sorted by first author


Analysis of Small Groups, Daniel Gatica-Perez, Oya Aran and Dinesh Babu Jayagopi, in: Social Signal Processing, pages 349-367, Cambridge University Press. Editors J. Burgoon, N. Magnenat-Thalmann, M. Pantic, and A. Vinciarelli, 2017
Vlogging Over Time: Longitudinal Impressions and Behavior in YouTube, Daniel Gatica-Perez, Dairazalia Sanchez-Cortes, Trinh-Minh-Tri Do, Dinesh Babu Jayagopi and Kazuhiro Otsuka, in: Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia, Cairo, EGYPT, pages 37-46, 2018



Recognizing conversational context in group interaction using privacy-sensitive mobile sensors, Dinesh Babu Jayagopi, Taemie Kim, Alex Pentland and Daniel Gatica-Perez, in: Proceedings of International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia, Limassol, Cyprus, 2010


Modeling dominance effects on nonverbal behaviors using granger causality, Kyriaki Kalimeri, Bruno Lepri, Oya Aran, Dinesh Babu Jayagopi, Daniel Gatica-Perez and Fabio Pianesi, in: Proceedings of International Conference on Multimodal Interaction, ICMI 2012, Santa Monica, CA, 2012


Predicting Remote Versus Collocated Group Interactions using Nonverbal Cues, Dairazalia Sanchez-Cortes, Dinesh Babu Jayagopi and Daniel Gatica-Perez, in: Proc. Int. Conf. on Multimodal Interfaces, Workshop on Multimodal Sensor-Based Systems and Mobile Phones for Social Computing,, Cambridge, 2009
Context Aware Addressee Estimation for Human Robot Interaction, Samira Sheikhi, Dinesh Babu Jayagopi, Vasil Khalidov and Jean-Marc Odobez, in: Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Eye Gaze in Intelligent Human Machine Interaction: Gaze in Multimodal Interaction, 2013