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Project VACE
Name: VACE

Publications of VACE sorted by recency
Recognizing Human Visual Focus of Attention from Head Pose in Meetings, Silèye O. Ba and Jean-Marc Odobez, in: IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, Cybernetics, Part-B, Vol. 39(No. 1), 2009
Towards Audio-Visual On-line Diarization Of Participants In Group Meetings, Hayley Hung and Gerald Friedland, in: European Conference on Computer Vision Workshop on Multi-camera and Multi-modal Sensor Fusion, 2008
Associating Audio-Visual Activity Cues in a Dominance Estimation Framework, Hayley Hung, Yan Huang, Chuohao Yeo and Daniel Gatica-Perez, in: First IEEE Workshop on CVPR for Human Communicative Behavior Analysis, 2008