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Determination of Pitch Range Based on Onset and Offset Analysis in Modulation Frequency Domain
Type of publication: Conference paper
Citation: Mahmoodzadeh_IST_2010
Booktitle: Proceedings of 5th International Symposium on Telecommunications
Year: 2010
Month: 12
Abstract: Auditory scene in a natural environment contains multiple sources. Auditory scene analysis (ASA) is the process in which the auditory system segregates a scene into streams corresponding to different sources. The determination of range of pitch frequency is necessary for segmentation. We propose a system to determine the range of pitch frequency by analyzing onsets and offsets in modulation frequency domain. In the proposed system, first the modulation spectrum of speech is calculated and then, in each subband onsets and offsets will be detected. Thereafter, the segments are generated by matching corresponding onset and offset front. Finally, by choosing the desired segments, the rage of pitch frequency is determined. Systematic evaluation shows that the range of pitch frequency is estimated with good accuracy.
Keywords: modulation frequency domain, onset/offset algorithm, pitch frequency
Projects Idiap
Authors Mahmoodzadeh, Azar
Abutalebi, Hamid Reza
Soltanianzadeh, Hamid
Sheikhzadeh, Hamid
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