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Hamid Reza Abutalebi
First name(s): Hamid Reza
Last name(s): Abutalebi

Publications of Hamid Reza Abutalebi
A Compressive Sensing Based Compressed Neural Network for Sound Source Localization, Mehdi Banitalebi Dehkordi, Hamid Reza Abutalebi and Hossein Ghanei, in: Proceedings of International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing, 2011
Social Focus of Attention as a Time Function Derived from Multimodal Signals, Danil Korchagin and Hamid Reza Abutalebi, in: Proceedings IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo, Barcelona, Spain, 2011
Speech Enhancement using an Improved MMSE Estimator with Laplacian Prior, Mehdi Rashidinejad, Hamid Reza Abutalebi and Ali Akbar Tadaion, in: Proceedings of 5th International Symposium on Telecommunications, 2010