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Analysis and Transfer of Human Movement Manipulability in Industry-like Activities
Type of publication: Conference paper
Citation: Jaquier_IROS_2020
Publication status: Accepted
Booktitle: Proc. IEEE/RSJ Intl Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems
Year: 2020
Crossref: Idiap-Internal-RR-03-2020
Abstract: Humans exhibit outstanding learning, planning and adaptation capabilities while performing different types of industrial tasks. Given some knowledge about the task requirements, humans are able to plan their limbs motion in anticipation of the execution of specific skills. For example, when an operator needs to drill a hole on a surface, the posture of her limbs varies to guarantee a stable configuration that is compatible with the drilling task specifications, e.g. exerting a force orthogonal to the surface. Therefore, we are interested in analyzing the human arms motion patterns in industrial activities. To do so, we build our analysis on the so-called manipulability ellipsoid, which captures a posture-dependent ability to perform motion and exert forces along different task directions. Through thorough analysis of the human movement manipulability, we found that the ellipsoid shape is task dependent and often provides more information about the human motion than classical manipulability indices. Moreover, we show how manipulability patterns can be transferred to robots by learning a probabilistic model and employing a manipulability tracking controller that acts on the task planning and execution according to predefined control hierarchies.
Keywords: Learning from demonstrations, manipulability ellipsoids, Riemannian manifolds
Projects TACT-HAND
Authors Jaquier, N.
Rozo, L.
Calinon, Sylvain
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