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Open Machine Translation for Low Resource South American Languages (AmericasNLP 2021 Shared Task Contribution)
Type of publication: Conference paper
Citation: Parida_AMERICASNLP2021_2021
Publication status: Published
Booktitle: Proceedings of the First Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Indigenous Languages of the Americas
Year: 2021
Month: June
Pages: 218–223
Publisher: Association for Computational Linguistics
Crossref: Parida_Idiap-RR-07-2021:
URL: https://aclanthology.org/2021....
DOI: 10.18653/v1/2021.americasnlp-1.24
Abstract: This paper describes the team (“Tamalli”)’s submission to AmericasNLP2021 shared task on Open Machine Translation for low resource South American languages. Our goal was to evaluate different Machine Translation (MT) techniques, statistical and neural-based, under several configuration settings. We obtained the second-best results for the language pairs “Spanish-Bribri”, “Spanish-Asháninka”, and “Spanish-Rarámuri” in the category “Development set not used for training”. Our performed experiments will serve as a point of reference for researchers working on MT with low-resource languages.
Projects Idiap
Authors Parida, Shantipriya
Panda, Subhadarshi
Dash, Amulya Ratna
Dogruöz, A. Seza
Ortega-Mendoza, Rosa M.
Hernández, Amadeo
Sharma, Yashvardhan
Motlicek, Petr
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